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Business Ignition

3 x 2-hour intensive sessions across two months, for new entrepreneurs and business owners.

Do you want expertise to convert your idea or early stage business into a clear, strategic business plan, or unsure what to do next? I work with you to nail your purpose, define your market, establish a financial framework and success metrics and unblock barriers to your beliefs that prevent you from succeeding. I work with you to bridge the gap between where you are and want to be.

  • Tailored business canvas
  • Preparation and tailored programming
  • Online or face to face in Sydney
  • 30-min introductory call

(AUD, plus GST)

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Professional Ignition

3 x 2-hour focused sessions across two months, for all levels of professionals.

Are you feeling unfulfilled or disrespected, unable to see the road ahead, and wanting a crystal clear purpose that aligns with your passions and work?

I’ll enable you to unlock your true potential; discover your life purpose and mission; see new career possibilities; identify and unblock limiting beliefs; and elevate your energy and confidence, to step into your purpose.

  • Tailored life canvas and roadmap
  • Preparation, resources and tools
  • Online or face to face in Sydney
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 30-min introductory call

(AUD, plus GST)

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Executive Ignition

4 x 2 hours per month for executives.

Do you want sophisticated support to bridge the gap between where you are and want to be to achieve peak performance?  I’ll work with you to test your mission; lead with crystal clear purpose and confidence that your decisions align with your principles; integrate your heart centre with logic and reason; and understand the core belief systems and behavioural patterns that have served you well and those that it’s time to change. This strong baseline positions you to:

  • create a thriving, purposeful, entrepreneurial culture;
  • define your legacy and the road to achieve it, and
  • troubleshoot problems and burning people questions with a fresh perspective

  • 6 hours a month
  • 6 or 12 month packages
  • Preparation, resources and tools
  • Online or face to face at your location
  • 30-min introductory call

$3,500 a month
(AUD, plus GST)

I hired Cassandra when I was at a crossroads in my career and needed a coach to see the way forward. She quickly helped me to get clear on my purpose, limiting beliefs and true potential. The result is that I’ve attracted an incredible new role with loads of opportunity and doubled my salary. Also, Cassandra’s knowledge of job market and recruitment trends is spot-on, along with broader global shifts happening. This really helped contextualise my thinking. She’s highly motivating, intuitive and accurate. I can’t think of a better coach or mentor in Sydney.

Director, consulting firm

After pivoting to a new business venture, I was seeking to run my company more efficiently. Cassandra’s Business Ignite package was the perfect place to flesh out a solid business plan, get to the heart of our core values and solidify the ‘why’ which drives our business. She pushed my ideas and removed limited thinking. Cassandra’s highly intuitive approach and her obvious years of expertise, also resulted in personal development. I have a renewed energy for the growth of my business.

Angela Harber, Director Harber Inc. and Founder, Wandarra Homestead, Mudgee

Cassandra Gordon

Meet your coach

Cassandra works with professionals who are at a crossroads in their life or career, and exhausted from trying to make it all work.

She awakens her clients to their freedom as individuals by creating a crystal-clear purpose and plan to achieve this.

Cassandra coaches by identifying blind spots and holding a safe space for deep exploration of new possibilities and establishing clear, fresh direction.

Her approach is based on 25 years of experience leading people and change across corporate, government, and startup sectors throughout Australia.

I’m a lightworker, which means I’m highly empathic, authentic and committed to raising human consciousness. I uplift, inspire and ignite people to reach their potential, with confidence and clarity about their purpose. My style is clear, calm and direct. I have the ability to ‘read’ you and cut to the core underlying issues that hold you back.

I work with you to ignite your true self and a establish a springboard for an authentic, fulfilling life.

Cassandra quickly and accurately identified the root cause of a people problem that we’d been trying to solve for years, where a consulting firm couldn’t. She brought some tough parts of the business together to shift this in a matter of months. So much tension dissolved and our NPS went up by two points in the next quarter.

General Manager, mid-sized Australian Insurance Group, Melbourne

I have met and worked with a number of people in my life, and many of them want to impose their system and way on you. Cassandra is NOT one of those people. She allows you to navigate you, and supports and guides you through your own process. You know you best, you just need a sounding board, ideas, support, a champion, someone in your corner, then you can soar like an eagle, and be who you’re meant to be... Book Cassandra to help you do just that!

Trish Wilson, Global Improvement Connector and Navigator, Auckland

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