How it works

The GrowthCulture platform is based on the powerful laws of nature found in a thriving rainforest. It provides the only holistic method to design and build culture from scratch.

Here’s what the platform contains

Is your startup pre-scale, with a team of 6-20 people? Operating with seed funding? If you’re unsure when and how to build the right culture, you can use one or more of these:

1. Culture Score

The only culture scoring system for startups. Use it to understand the top areas to address with your culture, before you scale. Then prepare for it to evolve, just like your business.

Most founders, teams and investors have plenty of passion and drive to build a fast-growing business that delivers aggressive returns. Culture is the last thing to be considered, however it will make or break it all.

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2. Culture Blueprint

Use the Culture Blueprint to create a clear design for your culture, as a team. It captures the 12 key elements of an entrepreneurial culture and a compelling purpose.

One of our highly experienced, passionate facilitators will use Culture Creation scenarios with you and your team to formulate the Blueprint. These use real life examples of challenges faced by global startups, so you all decide the culture you will commit to for each element.

We capture the rich data and powerful results in your stunning, bespoke blueprint. This is the visual plan to build and create your thriving culture.

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3. Culture Lab®

Next, activate your Culture Blueprint using our set of guided creative tools, methods and experiments to grow a thriving culture.

Culture Lab® is structured enough to build culture that withstands the pressures of a growing business, while having the flexibility to move and evolve with you. It uses the latest methods and tools from global experts in neuroscience, trust, design and creativity.

We partner with you to use the Culture Lab®, to experiment and create your thriving culture.

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Think about culture, it’s really important.

Rick Backer, Blackbird Ventures

Maintaining a healthy company culture is critical for a startup. That culture always tends to disintegrate at around 50 employees, sometimes earlier.

Joe Procopio, Multi-exit entrepreneur

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If you see your business as an ecosystem, and you want to create and sustain a work environment that is harmonious and balanced, we should talk.

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