What we do

We work with start up founders and their teams to design, build and grow thriving, sustainable cultures.

What will you say when people ask ‘what is your culture’?

Being able to define your culture is great. Seeing it in action around your business is even greater.

We work with groups, and one-on-one. We get past the fluff, and get your team making clear decisions together about what matters most, and embedding that within your organisation.

Culture workshops

We help our clients get past the regular clichés and tablestakes standards of healthy cultures, and help them to define (and redefine) the way they truly want to show up to work together.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Codify your culture as a Culture Blueprint
  • Industry-proven co-design practices
  • Scenario-based, for more authentic results
  • In-person, online, or hybrid workshop set-ups

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I engaged Cassandra at a critical point in the growth of one of our SaaS teams. She took us through some real-life challenges that really made us think about exactly what culture we want. Having our own culture blueprint means we’ve got a pathway forward for our people.

Raj Venkateswar, Co-Founder, deeplydigital.io

Cassandra’s culture design workshop was energising and fun. It inspired us to create the culture we want, so that we are seen, heard and can do our best work. It means our customers benefit too.

GM Customer Success, Customer Service Institute of Australia

Why startups?

Startups are in the perfect position to intentionally build a thriving culture from the beginning.

This is the golden opportunity that larger businesses don’t have. Once they scale and culture unfolds by itself, it’s virtually impossible (at least incredibly expensive!) to change it.

Photo of a small team looking at something on a laptop screen

But nobody has time. We get it.

Founders and first employees tend to think they don’t have the bandwidth to build a culture, while also building a product or service, let alone deal with the pressures of scaling.

The good news is that it is possible. If you have time to run a team retrospective meeting, you have time to work on your culture.

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Other services

Culture diagnosis

Use our Culture Health Assessment to discover the top areas to address with your culture.

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One-on-One coaching

Identify your blind spots, and explore how you can realise a clearer purpose, in work and life.

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Need help boosting the vitality of your business?

If you see your business as an ecosystem, and you want to create and sustain a work environment that is harmonious and balanced, we should talk.

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