Why we exist

The era of toxic, broken corporate culture is coming to a close. We’re here to ensure the next generation of business thrives, not just survives.

Are you harnessing the power of culture?

Team culture is the most powerful force in business. It directly impacts the bottom line and our quality of life. Yet it’s rare that a company gets it right.

A Harvard study shows that a strong culture increases net income by 765% over 10 years. It’s hard to get a return like that on any investment.

Every aspect of our wellbeing is affected by the culture we work in – our physical and mental health, outlook and behaviour, at home and in society. Culture can shape a soul. That’s how important it is. However, it’s usually left to unfold by itself without being defined first.

A donut chart showing that 75% of VC-backed startups fail

Our philosophy

We were shocked to learn that 75% of VC backed start-ups fail. That’s a lot of wasted sweat, dreams and billions of investment funding.

We want founders to succeed. The pressures of scaling a company are immense. Knee-jerk decisions, chaos and making the wrong hires quickly is common. Building culture from the beginning makes the ride smoother and is critical to ensure the company will stay in business. Our research shows you can save at least 30% in operating costs (excluding >1.25 FTE in turnover) in the first five years alone.

Our purpose is to create work so that we all thrive and not just survive; where people feel valued, respected and inspired to be the best version of themselves. This is when humanity reaches its true, incredible potential and business can shape the world for good.

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Why it hasn’t worked: The Glasshouse

Corporate culture is based on hierarchy and control. Adults aren’t trusted to make decisions. It’s bureacratic and doesn’t allow new ideas to breathe, stifling innovation. It’s artificial, favours certain types of people, lacks the ‘roots’ of psychological safety and takes significant effort to maintain. It’s a Glasshouse.

People want more autonomy, creativity and freedom at work. At the same time, our most powerful corporations are being tested like never before and cracking under pressure from the market, investors and employees. Are we willing to sign up to the religion of profit over people, at any cost? Or a more authentic and humane existence?

A thriving ecosystem: The Rainforest

Being innovative is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s the difference between success and failure. Companies that constantly generate new ideas to embrace their customer, thrive and grow in a globally competitive market. Just like a rainforest, key elements must work synergistically to produce oxygen and innovate. GrowthCulture captures these elements within a framework of a protective canopy, strong mid-growth and safe foundational floor.

GrowthCulture is the only holistic method for start ups to create their culture.

The Corporate Glasshouse
The Corporate Glasshouse diagram, featuring a command-and-control model of constrained workers
  • Toxic
  • Hierarchical
  • Controlling
  • Bureaucratic
  • Inefficient
  • Benefits few
  • Cost-driven
  • Siloed
  • Political
  • Competitive
  • Unsafe
  • Dehumanising
Picture of a woman at work feeling sad
A Rainforest Ecosystem
The Rainforest diagram, featuring a variety of roles free to grow and adapt as the environment suits
  • Thriving
  • Decentralised
  • Organised
  • Purposeful
  • Freedom
  • Benefits all
  • People-centric
  • Creative
  • Efficient
  • Collaborative
  • Safe
  • Ignites potential
Picture of a woman feeling happy

About us

Cassandra Gordon

I’m a corporate refugee. I left that world before the pandemic because I was no longer willing to ‘play the game’, or be part of a culture where a lack of integrity, harassment and abuse was normal. It was toxic and not what I stand for - justice, compassion and respect.

I’ve spent 25 years driving change and developing leadership across Australia. As an expert in changing culture, I was the last to be called when things weren’t working. I realised that instead of fixing broken workplaces, the opportunity to create a strong culture was to build it from scratch. It’s also the key to enable innovation to naturally unfold.

I founded the Organisational Intelligence Group and developed the GrowthCulture platform, Culture Creation Formula® and Culture Lab® method to create thriving teams that are inspired, energised and creative.

My life’s mission is for GrowthCulture to empower other founders and their people to design and build strong, thriving, global companies that people love working in.

I’m highly strategic, intuitive and catalyse people to step further, expand their perspective and transform into their true selves.

cassandra@growthculture.io LinkedIn logo

Cassandra Gordon
Ben Crothers

Ben Crothers

Ben is a designer, strategist, facilitator, author and speaker. After working for start-ups and large tech (Atlassian and Google), the finance sector, fin-tech, government and non-profits, he’s now a globally sought out visual facilitator.

He has a sharp T-set of skills and experience with deep practical knowledge of innovation methods, coupled with 20+ years’ experience in strategic cross-organisational design. Ben helps teams of all kinds solve tricky problems and be courageous in tackling them.

He prides himself in using design as an instrument of empowerment, putting the right tools into the hands of people to tell their stories and share their ideas. Ben was one of the original creators of the much-loved Atlassian Team Playbook. He is well-known for using visuals and drawing to enhance business communication and facilitation, and has written several books on the topic, including Presto Sketching, Draw in 4, and 50 Remote-Friendly Icebreakers.

bencrothers@brightpilots.com LinkedIn logo

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